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About Us


About us

Sundara Nails was started by us sisters Heidi and Heather, who are dedicated mothers, business women, and nail fanatics. We have always had a passion for beautiful nails. Then Covid hit, so we sought to find a product that was easy to use at home.  During this time we both ended up getting terrible dip flu. We ended up getting very sick until I discovered the "why". We then discovered doing the "Gel Method". After trial and error, we decided to take matters into our own hands (and nails) and we decided to create our own nail kits for easier access to this method . We wanted to reduce the risk of dip flu from dip liquids and honestly this is so much easier in so many ways. This is easier for application, filing is a lot less, easier cuticle clean up, shine is amazing, no hardening of our dip liquids. NEVER made it through a bottle without issues. We decided instead of helping a few others with same issues we should help out everyone and with that, Sundara Nails was created!  The goal of Sundara Nails is to help busy individuals give themselves a professional looking manicure in the safety of their own home, reduce risk of dip liquids allergies and at an affordable price.


Hi! My name is Heather Bachicha- I am the older sister. I own all the website, social media, and organizing any new products to launch. 




Hi! My name is Heidi- I am the younger sister. I own creating all the products and then managing all the shipping. 



We would love to introduce our team and our ambassadors are a huge support for us. 


We introduce Jennifer Zumwalt- 




We Introduce Rebecca Alicea



We introduce Diana Wing 



We introduce Jillian Swari



We introduce Haley Schrader 



We introduce Kasey 

Hi, Sundara Fam!
My name is Kasey Velasquez & I’m from good ol’ Ohio! I’m a wife, momma of 3 beautiful children & 2 of the sweetest granddaughters ever! 🥰 We love Soccer( soccer mom here🙋🏽‍♀️), taking road trips & being apart of our Church Family ⛪️
I started my DIY dip nail journey almost 2 years ago during quarantine like a lot of us. It quickly turned into a hobby that I love so much! I find it kind of therapeutic in a way🥰
I’m so excited to have been chosen as one of the new ambassadors for Sundara nails.  I quickly fell in love with this company when I came across their odorless dip liquids.
I was skeptical at first because of having such a bad reaction to dip liquids in the past(dip flu) but I went ahead and order them to give it a shot. 
Boy am I glad I did! They really work! No more dip flu!! I love that they strive to make their products as safe and healthy as possible for their customers. So of course when I seen they were looking for ambassadors I applied!

Thank you Heather & Heidi for this amazing opportunity and for choosing me to be a part of your team at Sundara Nails! 😊❤️


We introduce Alix Ellis


Hi everyone!!!👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼

My name is Alix and I love 💗 to do nails!!! I’m also a bit of a glitter fanatic✨🤣.

I have a fantastic husband (who supports this passion🥰😂) and two beautiful children who are my whole world!

My nail journey began just over a year ago, and I must say it’s been wonderful 🤩. I’ve had good manis and not so good manis, I’ve learned a lot, I’ve met amazing people, and I’ve grown creatively quite a bit. I love helping with ideas and techniques so if you have any questions feel free to ask! If I don’t know the answer, then I for sure will find out for you!😃

I’m so honored and excited to be a part of the Sundara Nail Family! I can’t wait to share all things nail with all of you!