Activator- Odorless Dip Liquids

Activator- Odorless Dip Liquids

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Special Formula Activator for Odorless Dip Liquids- This ingredient hardens the acrylic. 

Size 15ml. 

This is our Sundara Nails formula of no-odor (dip base and dip top coat) which will be great for anyone who may be sensitive to harsh chemicals and potentially get dip flu. These are Long lasting, healthy, no smell, quick soak off, fast dry and no need uv lamp, no need polished by drill machine, easy to diy at home, professional for nail salons

Please Read:
* Be aware the activator DOES have a scent and is not odorless This is made a little different then other activators to cure everything properly. 
Important these must be used as a set. It is not recommended to mix this formula with other dip liquids, as the liquids may not dry when combined with other formulas. The activator is made to dry this specific formula. 
*  Use Sundara Nails gel non-wipe top coat as a second option for top coat if you get yellowing.


- Base Coat and Top Coat: 2-methoxeythl 2-cyanoacrylate poly(methyl methacrylate)
- Activator: ethyl acetate, 2-propanone



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kelly Hammond

The low oder liquids were easy to work with. Although they’re additional drying time steps that are not necessary with regular liquids. If you dipped over short natural nails I do not recommend this product. It works more like peel base. My dip start popping off the next day.

Tasha Bowen

I still got dip flu which stinks.

Andrea Thompson
Odorless dip liquids

I have used the odorless dip liquids three times without getting dip flu. I have not had them chip. I will be ordering again. It is a great product. I used the Sundara gel bas and gel topcoat instead of the dip liquid topcoat. Which were so glossy and held up well.

Shannon Stone
Low odor and look nice but don’t last

I’ve done my nails twice since I received your liquids and both times, the product started cracking and crumbling within days. I like dip nails because they last for weeks, these didn’t last as long as regular polish.

Marianna Greenhough
No dip flu

This is probably the least smelly activator that I have ever used. Works quickly and does not make me feel sick when I use it. No problems here.