Odorless Dip Liquids Full Starter Kit
Odorless Dip Liquids Full Starter Kit

Odorless Dip Liquids Full Starter Kit

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Odorless Dip Liquids kit comes with everything you need

1. Bond- to prepare the nails 
2. Gentle Base Coat- Odorless Dip Liquids

3. Gentle Top Coat- Odorless Dip Liquids

4. Activator- Special formula to cure the odorless dip liquids. 

5. Brush Saver- Keep brushes from hardening 

Size 15ml. 

Odorless Dip Liquids

This is our Sundara Nails formula of no-odor (dip base and dip top coat) which will be great for anyone who may be sensitive to harsh chemicals and potentially get dip flu. These are Long lasting, healthy, no smell, quick soak off, slow drying and no need uv lamp, no need polished by drill machine, easy to diy at home, professional for nail salons. Please make sure to follow directions for best results. 

Please Read:
* Be aware the activator does have a scent and is not odorless This is made a little different then other activators to cure everything properly. 
* Important these must be used as a set. It is not recommended to mix this formula with other dip liquids, as the liquids may not dry when combined with other formulas. The activator is made to dry this specific formula. 
*  Use Sundara Nails gel non-wipe top coat as a second option for top coat if you get yellowing.

Top Coat Tips. 

  • Apply activator, let it dry for 45 seconds.
  • Using a lint free wipe, wipe the nail and wait another 45 seconds
  • Apply one coat of top coat, wait 2 minutes and finish with another coat of top coat.

- Base Coat and Top Coat: 2-methoxeythl 2-cyanoacrylate poly(methyl methacrylate)
- Activator: ethyl acetate, 2-propanone

Bond- ethyl acetate, calcium pantothenate, riboflavin 



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
kimberly stevenson
Life Saver

The Odorless Dip Liquids Full Starter Kit was a life saver for me! I was using another popular set of liquids and had begun to experience what seemed to be 'dip flu'. And with each new set of nails, it got progressively worse. I switched to Sundara and have not had any issues since. The set was easy to use, provided great results and no dip flu! Winner Winner!

The Best!!

I’ve struggled with dip flu since beginner to do my own dip manicure. Then I tried the gel method but I didn’t like the way it changed some color and I eventually developed a gel allergy. So I began the search for a truly low odor dip liquid set. Well, I finally found it with Sundara Nails Odorless Liquids! The best liquid I have ever used.They will definitely be my go to liquids from now on!

Odorless dip liquids full starter kit

I had no Dip Flu problems. I have Sundara builder gel on. Used Sundara Dip system on top of builder gel. It has been a week and I have done dishes and cleaning and they still look good, no popping off for me.

Took 4 weeks to get to me in Canada (I paid $21 shipping from Sundara) and had to pay HST and handling fee at Canadian Post Office when picked up. $30 CDN.

Faith Riley

I was experiencing severe dip flu when I used another brand. I had heard that Sundara had a good no odor dip liquids. YOU NAILED IT!! thank you for giving us such an amazing product. I've been ordering you dips, builder gels. You've got a customer for life!!!

Fairly satisfied

I really like the odorless liquids. Didn't get a headache from using them. But, had popping off that I don't normally have. I researched and was advised to use my other liquid for the build powder dip. For some reason whatever is in the strong smelling ones have a better hold on the nail. Then from there use the odorless liquids. I will be giving this a try the next time and see what happens.