Odorless Dip Liquids Starter Kit (excludes brush saver)

Odorless Dip Liquids Starter Kit (excludes brush saver)

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Odorless Dip Liquids kit comes with everything you need except brush saver  

1. Bond- to prepare the nails 
2. Gentle Base Coat- Odorless Dip Liquids

3. Gentle Top Coat- Odorless Dip Liquids

4. Activator- Special formula to cure the odorless dip liquids. 


Size 15ml. 

Odorless Dip Liquids

This is our Sundara Nails formula of no-odor (dip base and dip top coat) which will be great for anyone who may be sensitive to harsh chemicals and potentially get dip flu. These are Long lasting, healthy, no smell, quick soak off, slow drying and no need uv lamp, no need polished by drill machine, easy to diy at home, professional for nail salons. Please make sure to follow directions on bottle for best results. 

Please Read:
* Be aware the activator does have a scent and is not odorless This is made a little different then other activators to cure everything properly. 
* Important these must be used as a set. It is not recommended to mix this formula with other dip liquids, as the liquids may not dry when combined with other formulas. The activator is made to dry this specific formula. 
*  Use Sundara Nails gel non-wipe top coat as a second option for top coat if you get yellowing.

Top Coat Tips. 

  • Apply activator, let it dry for 45 seconds.
  • Using a lint free wipe, wipe the nail and wait another 45 seconds
  • Apply one coat of top coat, wait 2 minutes and finish with another coat of top coat.

- Base Coat and Top Coat: 2-methoxeythl 2-cyanoacrylate poly(methyl methacrylate)
- Activator: ethyl acetate, 2-propanone

- Bond- ethyl acetate, calcium pantothenate, riboflavin 



Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Sandi Vote

These dip liquids live up to their name-oderless. I've used them several times now without a respirator and no dip flu! Worth every penny!

Kelci Wilkins

These liquids are AMAZING! No dip flu, no lifting, and high shine. My new favorite- hands down!

Barbara Walters

Amazing liquids! They really are low odor, and work well! Yet another amazing product from an amazing company!

Michele Chesney

If you suffer from dip flu, these are the liquids you don’t just want you need!! I have dip flu so severe I thought I was having a heart attack & I needed breathing treatments bc I couldn’t catch my breath. I tried low odor liquids & was sick for 3 weeks. I thought for sure I was done with dipping. I didn’t want to buy a respirator because if I was getting sick how was it affecting my family & my dogs? I was so excited Sundara came out with these & I was a little scared at first but it has been a complete game changer. Since I developed a gel allergy, these liquids saved me from having to sell off all my dips. The base & top coat have zero smell of super glue & barely ANY smell. The activator does have a slight smell but it doesn’t bother me at all. I used a mask & had a fan going the first 3 times I used them then I did 30 swatches with no mask just a fan & I couldn’t believe it, I had ZERO dip flu. These liquids have magical powers & I’m so happy I can finally dip again with not having to take antihistamines, wear a respirator or feel like I can’t breathe. It’s a no brainer, if you have dip flu, or don’t, these liquids are the best! From the ease of use to the shine they are the best liquids I’ve ever used. Sundara for the win again!! Thank you Heather & Heidi for ALWAYS making such quality products and focusing on your customers!! Highly recommend these liquids for everyone, not just dip flu suffers!!

Megan Fairweather

Oh my goodness I am in love with these gentle dip liquids! These are different than any other gentle/odorless dip liquids I've seen. Especially because the dry time is only 1-2 min & they preform like any other regular dip liquids. I will only be using these liquids from now on! I hope many others try these! Also not only are the products great but the people behind this business are fantastic too with the best customer service! From now on Sundara Nails ONLY for me!