Builder Gel Starter Set

Builder Gel Kit

Step 1. Nail Prep

  • Soak in water 5 min
  • Push back cuticle
  • Trim loose cuticles
  • File and trim nails

Step 2. Builder Gel

  • Apply Sundara Nails Non- Acid Primer 
  • Apply your nail form (or nail tip) to the nail (optional)
  • Apply gel base coat to the whole surface of the nail and cure for 60sec
  • Apply builder gel to the nail, including the tip and form if you're extending your natural nail, and cure for 60s.
  • Apply a second layer of builder gel and cure for 60s. Repeat this step until you've reached your desired thickness of nail.
  • Wipe the entire nail with a alcohol to remove the tacky layer.
  • File and clean up nail

Step 3. Peel base

  • apply gel top coat and cure for 60 sec (not needed if allergic to gel)
  • Apply a thin layer of peel base and let dry for 2-3 min
  • Potentially repeat if needed.
  • Recommend 2 coats for dip and 3 for gel method

Step 4.

Head into your dip liquids or gel polish application.