Pudding Gel Directions

Pudding Gel Application 

Application Steps

  • Before applying, wet the Nail Application Brush in a little Base Coat 
  • Do not take too much product at one time.
  • Base coat is required. Top coat for extra shine 
  • You can apply two thin coats to achieve your desired effect.
  • Your manicure will last up to 3-4 weeks


1. Apply a gel base coat and cure for 60 sec 

2. Apply a very thin application of pudding gel and cure for 60-90sec dependent on lamp. If unsure on lamp cure for 90 sec 

3. Repeat 🔁 if need a second coat. One you learn to apply 1 coat should be good. 
4. Apply a top coat for extra shine ✨ and cure for 60 sec.