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Odorless Dip Liquid Directions

Step 1: Bond

  • Prep your nails
  • Apply 1 coat of Bond

Step 2: Base Coat

1. Apply a thin layer of dip base coat (avoid flooding cuticles)

2. Dip nail in colored dip powder. Dip into powder until nail doesn't look wet. Must dip a few times to soak up all the base. This will help it dry quicker

3. Use cuticle stick to clean up cuticles then bush off access powder.

Repeat steps 1 and 3 until desired color achieved

Step 3: Activator

Apply a generous amount of activator and let dry for 2 min.

1. Use a lint free cloth to wipe off excess activator

2. File, buff and reshape nails

3. Then apply coat 2 of activator. Wait 1 min and then go into top coat step 

Step 4: Top Coat- Most important step or it won't be shiny or dry right

1. First Coat - Float a thin layer in 2-3 quick swipes (wipe brush on napkin before putting in bottle

2. Immediately go into your Second Coat (DON'T WAIT)- Apply this top coat in a more precise application (dry time 3 min)

** The Top Coat needs the activiator to dry. If its not shiny. Our timing was too far away from the activator

** If it didnt dry within 3 minutes we also were too far away from the activator. (you can always add some activator to help the top coat dry)



Top Coat Tip

  1. Make sure you are not waiting to do the top coat over 1 min after the 2nd activator it will cause the top coat to be dull.
  2. You can use a spray activator bottle if needed to help dry the top coat if its not drying.

Base Coat Tip

  1. If the base coat is taking too long to dry during your 2nd layer of your dip powder you can go ahead and add activator and it will dry it up quick.
  2. Make sure to dip more than normal in the powder it will help soak up the base and dry quicker.

Popping off early of natural short nails

  1. You can use a gel top coat to help seal everything up if you have these issues. It can help them last longer
  2. You can also add a layer of builder gel to your natural nail if these pop off early.
  3. Make sure your nails prep is done well.

Keep in mind these do not have the "super glue" ingrediant that can cause dip flu so these can last 7-10days. (Sometime longer)


 Remove the Dip 

  1. Optional: File off the Top Coat
  2. Place a paper towel inside a zip lock bag and fill with enough 100% acetone to cover your nails.
  3. Place that zip lock bag inside a container with hot water (hot enough to handle, not boiling). The hot water helps activate the acetone and makes removal a breeze.
  4. Place hand inside the zip lock bag & rub your nails against the paper towel. Removal will take about 5-10 minutes.