Odorless Dip Liquid Directions


Odorless Dip Liquid Directions

Step: 1

Bond (Prep Nails)

1. Soak fingers in bowl with water and soap

2. Push back cuticles (optional: use cuticle softener or remover)

3. Remove any cuticles (cuticle cutters)

4. Add nail tips here, cut nails to desired length and shape

5. Apply 1 coat Sundara Nails Bond to every nail


Step 2: Optional ONLY for Nail Tips or to add a clear dip powder to protect nail from staining. (Skip step if not needed)

1. Apply dip base coat (avoid cuticles and skin)

2. Dip or pour a clear dip powder over nails. Use cuticle stick to clean cuticle area

3. Continue on each finger nail until completed (total wait 3-5 min or until dip base is dry)

4. Brush off access powder with dust brush

5. Using nail tips repeat steps 1-4 above for desired thickness and shape (recommended 2-3x) If not using nail tips move to step 3-4


Step 3:

Base Coat

1. Apply a thin layer of dip base coat (avoid skin and cuticles)

2. Dip nail in colored dip powder. Dip into powder until nail doesn't look wet

3. Use cuticle stick to clean up cuticles then bush off access powder.

Repeat steps 1 and 3 until desired color achieved


Step 4:

Activator- Apply a generous amount of activator on your first coat and let dry for 2 min.

1. Use a lint free cloth to wipe off excess activator

2. File, buff and reshape nails

3. Then apply coat 2 of activator and let dry for 2 min. Then wipe off excess with lint free cloth


Step 5:

Top Coat

1. First Coat -  Float a thin layer in 2-3 quick swipes (wipe brush on napkin before putting in bottle (barley touching nail)

2. Second Coat- Apply top coat in a more precise application (dry time 3-5 min)

*Wipe brush on napkin in-between every application.