Arrow Shapes Soft Gelly Tips
Arrow Shapes Soft Gelly Tips
Arrow Shapes Soft Gelly Tips
Arrow Shapes Soft Gelly Tips

Arrow Shapes Soft Gelly Tips

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Soft Gelly Tips are a more flexible formula to lay perfectly on the nails. 

No need to pre-etch our half matte or fully matte nail tips. These are ready to go. 

**Matte**- If you see matte by the nail tips this means they are fully matte. 

You can choose any of the glues to apply below 

  • Builder Gel (Hema Free) 
  • Quick Gelly Glue (Hema Free)
  •  Solid Tip gel glue 
  • non sticky builder gel

How our sizing will work👇

✔️Small sizes range from about 22mm+

✔️ XS sizes range to 20mm +

✔️ XXS range to 17mm +

How are they applied?

Step #1: Apply base coat on your natural nails and cure for 60 sec 

Step #2: Apply quick Gelly glue (or builder gel or solid tip gel glue) to the inside of the gel tips.

Step #3: Place Soft Gel Tip onto the nail. Start firmly from the cuticle area with constant pressure to the free edge.

Step #4: Cured under an Flash cure mini LED lamp to bond it to the natural nail for 30 seconds.

Step #5: Done! Get the nail extension filed and shaped to fit per

Step #6: Repeat steps #1- 5 for all nails.

Step #7 Put all finished fingers in the uv/led for a 60sec final cure for everything., DO NOT JUST USE THE FLASH CURE LAMP!

Directions: Directions Listed

Link to all: Ingredients Listed

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Customer Reviews

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Kaley Cossell
Love this shape!

I absolutely love the way these tips fit and the shape! The quality is great!