Delphinium - Non Sticky Builder Gel in a Pot

Delphinium - Non Sticky Builder Gel in a Pot

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Delphinium is a blue glitter Non Sticky Builder Gel in a pot is a thick gel to help build the nails or create designs 

Delphinium's Non Sticky Builder Gel in a Pot offers a professional gel manicure with minimal effort. With no sticky residue when curing, it helps to prevent ruining your design or over-applying product. Perfect for salon or home use.

30ml in a tub 


  • Non-floating & Non-sticky
  • Durable and Flexible 
  • Beginner Friendly
  • A variety of colors for you
  • Extension gel!
  • DIY designs and 3D patterns,
  • Its non-floating formula and non-sticky texture make manicure more convenient and easy to use
  • Bend this solid gel with various glitters

All of our gels are Hema Free. These also come from a manufacturer that is GMP certified. This means they do testing to ensure the product is always consistent. 

If you get any sort of reaction to the gels. We recommend to stop use and see a doctor immediately. 

Ingredients include:

Acrylates Copolymer

Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate

Isopropyl Alcohol 



Microcrystalline Wax

Hydroxycyclohexyl phenyl ketone 



  1. Prep your nails by filing and pushing back cuticles.
  2. Apply Primer (optional)
  3. Apply your nail form (or nail tip) to the nail (optional)
  4. Apply gel base coat to the whole surface of the nail and cure for 60sec
  5. Roll the builder gel in a ball or use a metal tool to scoop out. Apply non sticky builder gel to the nail, on the nail tip or nail form if you're extending your natural nail, and cure for 60s. (It’s recommended to use a tool  so you don’t have contact with non cured gel)
  6. Apply a second layer of builder gel and cure for 60s. Repeat this step until you've reached your desired thickness of nail.
  7. Wipe the entire nail with a alcohol to remove the tacky layer.
  8. File and clean up nail

Precautions For Use:
  1. This builder gel needs to be cured under the UV/LED lamp for min of 60 seconds
  2. Do not use a flash cure lamp without putting into a big lamp min of 48 watts. 


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