Gentle Rubber Base Coat (Hema Free)

Rubber Base Coat (Hema Free)

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Gel Rubber Base Coat (Hema Free)

Our gel is a rubber base with is a stronger gel. Its great to use with your dips for strength.

These also come from a manufacturer that is GMP certified. This means they do testing to ensure the product is always consistent. 

Note* If you are sensitive to gels we recommend to try this for the gel method. It’s our sensitive formula  


Ingredients Include:

Directions: Directions Listed

Link to all: Ingredients Listed

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Olivia Fuller
Absolutely Incredible

This stuff is a miracle in a bottle. It allows me to have beautiful nails when I thought my allergies ruined that for me forever.
I developed a gel allergy after falling in love with the process of doing my own nails, and was absolutely devastated thinking I could never do gel again. I did so much research and discovered that most people (myself included) are not only allergic to HEMA, but methacrylates as well. So that means normal “HEMA free gel” still will give a reaction. I scoured the internet for any gel product that didn’t include methacrylates and found a few colors that didn’t include it but no matter how hard I looked I could not find a base coat that didn’t include those ingredients. I tried to do my nails without a base coat and they would peel off within 24 hours. I was feeling so defeated and mourned the loss of the idea of me ever having pretty, long lasting nails again.
Then in comes Sundara. I heard about them through an Amazon review from someone who had the exact same issues as me finding the right products. I decided this was my last effort before giving up completely. I am so happy to say that it not only worked, but blew me away. I have had absolutely no reactions in over a month of using it, and my nails have lasted 3 weeks without a single chip or peel. They have also grown out so long and healthy, which I have never been able to do before.
Thank you so much, Sundara, for creating products without insane chemicals that actually WORK. I will be a customer for life 🫶🏼



Wendie Dillehay
No allergy!

I've had such a time with gels and this hema free rubber base has been great! No itching at all. Durable, with a beautiful shine alone with no top coat. Absolutely love this!

Chelsey Mannix
Gentle rubber base coat

Absolutely love. I've never been able to have gel manicures last on me until I got this base coat. My manicures now last an entire month without peeling or chipping. Will definitely buy again.

Eileen Fantoni
Great product

Love this base coat. So smooth and easy to use.