Laser Cat Eye Gel (holographic)
Laser Cat Eye Gel (holographic)
Laser Cat Eye Gel (holographic)
Laser Cat Eye Gel (holographic)
Laser Cat Eye Gel (holographic)
Laser Cat Eye Gel (holographic)
Laser Cat Eye Gel (holographic)
Laser Cat Eye Gel (holographic)

Laser Cat Eye Gel (holographic)

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 Silver Laser Cat Eye Gel is a holographic magnetic gel. You can apply over any color to make it holographic- Must have a 3D magnet to use. We sell on the website if you need  

Size  Soak Off

3D Gel Application Steps:

  1. Apply a thin coat of Sundara Base Coat, cure under UV / LED lamp
  2. Apply a white/ black gel base if you want a deeper image and cure for 30 sec/60 sec dEP ends  your lamp.
  3. Apply 1st coat of Sundara 3D Cat Eye gel polish
  4. Before curing use Sundara Dual Head Magnet for effect design do not touch gel just float above nail and cure 30 sec
  5. Apply 2nd coat of Sundara 3D Cat Eye gel polish.
  6. Before curing use Sundara dual magnet for effect design and cure 30 sec
  7. Finish off with Sundara non-wipe top Coat and cure for 30/60 sec depends on lamp

All of our gel lines are hypoallergenic gels and 21-Free Formula. Our formula has removed 21 of the top toxicity ingredients. This means they are made without all listed below. 

If you get any sort of reaction to the gels. We recommend to stop use and see a doctor. 

Ingredients 21-Free:

  1. Formaldehyde
  2. Toluene
  3. Animal Derived Ingredients
  4. Phthalates
  5. Polyurethane
  6. Gluten
  7. Hema
  8. Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP)
  9. Phtalates (Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)
  10. Camphor
  11. Xylene, Phenol-Formadehyde Resin 
  12. Colophonium
  13. Parabens
  14. Methylisothiazolinone (MIT)
  15. Organice Halides (AOX)
  16. Nitrocellulose
  17. Benzene
  18. Nanoparticles
  19. Ethyl Tosylamide
  20. Trimethyl Pentanyl Diisobutyrate
  21. Acetyl Triethyl Citrate

3D Ingredients Include: 

  • Acrylates Copolymer 
  • Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate 
  • Isopropyl Titanium
  • Trisostearate
  • Ethyl
  • Acetate
  • Dimethicone 
  • Microcrystalline
  • Mica 

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Jorrie Chambers

LOVE the holographic glitters!!