Magical Gel Remover
Magical Gel Remover
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Magical Gel Remover

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Magical Gel Remover- New bottle is now 15ml size 

Looking for a convenient  product that can be applied in under a few minutes and remove gel polish or Gelly tips?

If so Magical Gel Remover will put a smile on your face. This gel is perfect for removing all types of gel polish, automatically peel off, safely without damaging the natural nail, can be applied anytime, anywhere and fast remove in 3-5 minutes. 

*Directions below for proper application. 

1. File down the gel polish 

2. apply a thin coat of magical gel remover and wait 3 min  

3. Apply a second coat and wait 3 min 

4.  scrape what’s is loose and file slightly 

5. repeat as needed  


This product will is cruelty free, organic, gluten free, paraben free and hema free 

Ingredients Include:

  • Bio- cellulose 
  • organic weak alkali 
  • acrylate monomer 
  • oxidized regeneration 
  • cellulose  


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I never have to soak my nails!

I love this remover. It doesn't feel harsh like some I have tried and I have completely stopped using acetone to soak off my gelly tips :)

Lainy Prescott

The holy grail for removal! The best gel removal I’ve tried by far

Great product

This stuff is awesome. I cracked an acrylic nail and didn't feel like soaking it off. Decided to try this product. I filed off the top coat, applied this and within 5 minutes the acrylic wiped off. No residue. I ended up ordering 2 more bottles. It's definitely worth the purchase.

Jennifer Hanners

This works so well!! It took off my builder gel and gelly tips so quickly! It's a must have product for me!!

Erika Goodwin

This is the best gel remover I have used! It took of my gelly tips and builder gel with ease!