Solid Tip Gel Glue- Clear (Hema Free)
Solid Tip Gel Glue- Clear (Hema Free)
Solid Tip Gel Glue- Clear (Hema Free)
Solid Tip Gel Glue- Clear (Hema Free)
Solid Tip Gel Glue- Clear (Hema Free)

Solid Tip Gel Glue- Clear (Hema Free)

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Solid Tip Gel Glue (Hema Free) is to help glue on your Gelly tips

*Directions below for proper application. 
1. Prep your nails

2. Apply Primer 

3. Apply base coat 

3. Apply gel to the tip of the nail enhancement 

4. Press in place firmly 

5. cure nail in lamp for 60 sec 

All of our gel lines are hypoallergenic gels and 21 Free. These also come from a manufacturer that is GMP certified. This means they do testing to ensure the product is always consistent. 

Ingredients Free

  • Formaldehyde
  • Toluene
  • Ketones
  • DBP
  • Phthalates
  • Polyurethane
  • Camphor 
  • Lead

Ingredients Include:


Quick Gelly Application

1. Prep your nails by filing and pushing back cuticles.

2. Apply Primer (optional)

3. Pick your gelly tip to fit your nail

4. Apply gel base coat to the whole surface of the nail and cure for 60sec

5. Apply quick gelly glue to the nail, including the tip, and cure for 30s in mini lamp.

6. Apply a second layer of builder gel and cure for 60s. Repeat this step until you've reached your desired thickness of nail.

7. Wipe the entire nail with a alcohol to remove the tacky layer.

8. File and clean up nail

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
OMG! Heaven Sent!

Please don’t ever stop making this! I started doing my own nails during the pandemic and developed a serious allergy a few months ago. I was afraid I’d never be able to have nail enhancements ever. This has surpassed my expectations! Please hurry and get it back in stock!!

Debbie Fiamengo

The Solid Tip Gel Glue is the best. This latest set of gelly tips was the first time I was able to have all ten of my nails straight first time....Didn't have to remove one to get it right. Please don't stop carrying this product.